Call for Papers

This is the official Call for Papers for the fall conference, which will take place from October 26 to 29, 2014. As usual, IPC comes alongside with our WebTech Conference, which focuses on all Technologies and Techniques for creating a better web. Please see below our list of topics which we’d like to have covered, but please feel also free to add additional topics, if you believe they fit into the scope of the conferences.

Topics 2014

- PHP Frameworks
- PHP Scaling & Performance
- PHP Security
- PHP Testing & Quality
- HHVM & Hack
- Architecture
- JavaScript / ECMAScript 6
- JavaScript Frameworks
- JavaScript Performance & Security
- Web APIs & Services
- Agile
- Continuous Delivery
- DevOps
- Cloud
- Data Stores

We look forward to your proposals.

Deadline for Submissions:
June 19th, 2014

Nathalie Schweitzer

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