Henri Bergius



A former Viking originally from the Nordic country of Finland but living in Berlin. When he is not exploring Georgia’s cave cities or running with the bulls in Pamplona, Bergie works on a new generation of web editing interfaces with Create.js and Flow-based Programming with NoFlo.

Arne Blankerts



Arne Blankerts solves IT problems long before many companies realize that they even exist. He focuses on IT security, performance and reliability, which he attends to with almost magical intuition creating solutions that clearly bear his hallmark. Companies around the world rely on his concepts and LINUX-based system architectures.

Klaus Breyer


buddybrand GmbH

Gründer und Geschäftsführer der buddybrand GmbH, dort verantwortlich für Technologien und Prozesse. Als Social-Media-Agentur entwickelt buddybrand digitale Marken- und Kommunikationsstrategien, kreiert Inhalte und Kampagnen und schafft internes Verständnis und Strukturen für internationale Markenunternehmen wie ŠKODA, Heineken, airberlin oder Storck. Ist in der deutschen Start-up- und Technologieszene gut vernetzt und auf Konferenzen gerne als Speaker. Stärke: Technische Inhalte einfach und anschaulich zu erklären.

Philipp Burgmer



Philipp Burgmer hat an der Hochschule Karlsruhe Informatik studiert und ist seit 2010 als Softwareentwickler, Berater und Trainer für WeigleWilczek tätig. Er ist Experte für moderne Webtechnologien und beschäftigt sich intensiv mit der Gestaltung und Optimierung von Benutzeroberflächen. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Konzeption und Entwicklung von Businessanwendungen mit AngularJS. Privat interessiert er sich für Klettern, DJing und Fotografie.

Alessandro (cirpo) Cinelli



Alessandro Cinelli (a.k.a. cirpo) is currently working as Lead Developer at Namshi (http://namshi.com),  the fashion e-commerce in the Middle East located in Dubai. He has a keen attention for enterprise patterns, methodologies, clean code and everything related to performances.

He loves to share and give back to the community, that’s why he actively contributes to open source projects and when he was in Italy he has been a board member of the Italian PHP, JavaScript User Group, WEBdeBS and had co-organized several events such as agileday, phpday, jsday, nosqlday and nodejsconf some of which were the first of their kind in Italy. He is also working to setup a brand new web community in Dubai: duWeb.io.

Volker Dusch



Volker Dusch is a Software Developer born in Germany and currently working for the Scientific Network, ResearchGate, in Berlin. He started programming with PHP in the early PHP 4 days and has around 14 years of experience with the language.Having worked on big home grown legacy applications and with new 'modern' projects he is interested in keeping code maintainable so that it can be adapted fast and easily to new requirements.His current interests lie in the Clean Code movement, Test Driven Development, Agile Software Development and continuously shipping what 'business' really needs to succeed.In his spare time he has contributed to PHPUnit, jenkins-php.org and some other smaller projects while enjoying video games, badminton, chess and watching esports.

Ralf Eggert


Travello GmbH

Ralf Eggert ist Geschäftsführer der Travello GmbH, Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH) und Autor des Buchs "Zend Framework 2 – das Praxisbuch". Ralf arbeitet seit 1998 mit PHP und seit 2006 mit dem Zend Framework. Er schreibt als Kolumnist regelmäßig für das PHP Magazin und ist als Speaker seit  einigen Jahren auf Barcamps und Konferenzen aktiv. Zudem ist Ralf als Trainer und Consultant für das Zend Framework 2 tätig.

Ralf S. Engelschall


msg systems ag

Ralf S. Engelschall is a 41-year old Computer Scientist with twenty-three years of experience in Software Engineering. His work focus is on Software Architecture and the topic User Interface Architecture is part of his doctoral thesis project. He co-founded the Apache Software Foundation and is working as a Principal IT Consultant and Department Manager for msg Applied Technology Research.

Thijs Feryn



Thijs is an evangelist at Combell, a webhosting company in Belgium. As an evangelist he supports communities and has a particular love for the PHP community.

 He is passionate about code and infrastructure, but mainly focusses on the gap in between. His main goal is to bring technology to the people and the people to technology. 

Thijs is also an event organizer: he organizes the PHPBenelux Conference, is the guy doing DamnData and is involved with a bunch of other events. He is probably figuring out a new event concept as we speak. 

Martin Geisse


Shopgate GmbH

Martin Geisse is a senior software developer at Shopgate GmbH. He is heavily interested in all topics around software architecture and programming languages. As such, he has dealt with a huge variety of programming languages of all kinds, and architectures from a wide range of free and open-source projects, going all the way down to how languages, frameworks and architectures are designed to meet their goals.

Jens Grochtdreis


Jens Grochtdreis

Jens Grochtdreis ist freier Webentwickler und Berater (grochtdreis.de). Er ist dabei auf moderne Frontend-Entwicklung und Barrierefreiheit spezialisiert. Vor seiner Selbstständigkeit arbeitete er zehn Jahre in Agenturen u. a. für eine sehr große deutsche Bank und einen großen Telekommunikationsanbieter. Jens gründete 2005 die Webkrauts (webkrauts.de), um für ein besseres Medium zu streiten. Wenn er nicht gerade bloggt (grochtdreis.de/weblog), twittert (twitter.com/flocke), surft oder codet, dann entspannt er sich bei Comics, Krimis, hört Blues oder kocht.

Dominik Jungowski


inovex GmbH

Dominik Jungowski is a specialised computer scientiest in software development. He's been involved with agile development and psychology for a couple of years and is successfully using this knowledge in everyday's work. Dominik is Scrum Coach with inovex GmbH and is, in doing so, helping other companies establishing agile software development. He is blogging on www.agileblog.org and www.filmdeponie.de

Peter Kröner



Der bekannte HTML5-Experte Peter Kröner forscht und schreibt über Web-Zukunftstechnologien (http://www.peterkroener.de). Was er über HTML5, CSS3 und neue JavaScript-Standards herausfindet, schreibt er in Bücher und Blogposts oder vermittelt es in Seminaren, Workshops und Vorträgen im ganzen Land weiter. Zuvor war er als selbstständiger Webdesigner und Frontendentwickler tätig.

Robert Lemke

Robert Lemke is the project founder and lead of TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos. As a software architect at TechDivision GmbH he supports customers and the Open Source community to successfully realize Flow and Neos projects. At robertlemke.com Robert blogs about the behind-the-scenes of the TYPO3 project, about Flow and Neos, sometimes about espresso machines, and rather never about Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters.

Patrick Lobacher


+Pluswerk GmbH

Patrick Lobacher ist Digital Native, Entwickler, Berater, Trainer und Autor zahlreicher Fachbücher und -artikel zum Thema Webdevelopment. Er ist Geschäftsführer der +Pluswerk GmbH, die an neun Standorten mit über hundert Mitarbeitern digitale Kommunikationslösungen im Enterprise-Bereich mit Fokus Open Source (u.a. TYPO3, Magento) für anspruchsvolle Kunden konzipiert und umsetzt.

David Manners


Sitewards GmbH

David has been working in e-commerce for the last five years, three of which have been working with Magento. He is a certified developer who enjoys helping others learn by sharing his experiences via stackexchange, while also learning a few things himself. Previously David has spoken at the Magento Live events in both the UK and Germany and the php unconference in Berlin.

Ole Michaelis


Jimdo GmbH

Ole Michaelis is the co-founder of SoCoded, a hackfest and web development conference in Hamburg. He’s a Software Engineer at Jimdo, a DIY website creator, where he focuses on backend development. In his free time, he’s building slidr.io, a hazzle-free slide sharing platform. Ole is passionate about open source software, enjoys traveling, and loves Mexican food. He classifies himself as a "bad" German as he dislikes beer and soccer – the traditional German past-times.

Gordon Oheim


Minerals Value Service GmbH

Gordon Oheim is a Software Developer from Essen, Germany with a strong focus on object-oriented design and programming. Gordon is currently a Senior Developer for Minerals Value Service GmbH in Munich where he helps reshape the iron ore commodity market. Gordon is a Zend Certified Engineer and has more than ten years of experience with web-related technologies. He is also a member of the PHP documentation team. Gordon is keenly interested in Agile and Lean topics and likes to share his knowledge on Stack Overflow, where he is a moderator and the top 1 contributor to the PHP tag.

Stefan Priebsch



Stefan Priebsch combines sound expertise and a keen sense of timing to know which tool is to be implemented and where it is best suited.  He specializes in object-oriented programming and software architecture. As an esteemed author and public speaker, he knows how to command the attention of an audience, allow them to play a part and to learn from his vast experience.

Florian Rappl



Florian Rappl is an independent IT consultant working in the areas of client / server programming, High Performance Computing and web development. He is an expert in C/C++, C# and JavaScript and gives lectures on OOP with C#, WebApplications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and Software Design Patterns. Florian is one of the most acknowledged authors of the CodeProject community and has been able to win several coding contests. He is regularly giving talks at conferences or for companies. Besides his work as an IT consultant Florian is busy finishing his PhD in theoretical physics.


Juliette Reinders Folmer


Advies en zo

Juliette Reinders Folmer is an all round consultant and web-developer who tries not be a geek. Having started with client-side web development in 2000, she furtively tried to avoid server-side web until she was forced to learn PHP at knife-point in 2002 and found herself hooked quite quickly. As she herself would put it "It is more fun than Sudoku, and just as challenging to get it right".

Juliette is a long-standing member of PHPWomen which helped her immensely to find her feet in the PHP world. She is ZCE, actively contributes to a number of open source projects, has published several articles and speaks at conferences when given the chance.

Juliette is self-employed and based in the Netherlands.


Thorsten Rinne


Yatego GmbH

Thorsten Rinne, graduated in Computer Science, is working as Team Lead Engineering for Yatego GmbH in Munich, Germany. He is the founder and maintainer of the open source FAQ management software phpMyFAQ. He is a Zend Certified Engineer and Certified Scrum Master. He also has spoken at various conferences around the world.

Peter Roßbach


bee42 solutions gmbh

Peter Roßbach ist freiberuflicher Systemarchitekt und Coach zahlreicher Java-EE-Anwendungen. Sein besonderes Interesse liegt in der Entwicklung von komplexen Informationssystemen, einschließlich der Gestaltung und Realisierung von testgetriebenen Softwareprozessen. Seit 1997 ist Peter Roßbach im Bereich HTTP-Server und Webcontainer tätig. Er ist Committer im Apache-Tomcat-Projekt und Mitglied der Apache Software Foundation. Sein besonderes Interesse gilt der Gestaltung von Überwachungs- und Analysesystemen für komplexe Infrastrukturen. Mit der bee42 solutions Gmbh realisiert er entsprechende Monitoring-Produkte auf Basis aktueller Webtechnologien, NoSQL-Datenbanken und Cloud-Plattformen.

Peter Rozek


ecx.io germany GmbH

Peter Rozek arbeitet bei ecx.io in Düsseldorf und beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit den Themen UX, Usability, Accessibility und Frontend-Entwicklung. Responsive Webdesign heißt nicht, etwas Tolles kleiner machen, damit es passt, sondern ein nutzerorientiertes Design zu entwickeln, mit dem Kunden ein gebrauchsfertiges Modell entwerfen und dabei von kleinen Einheiten zum großen Ganzen denken.

Stefan Schadwinkel


DECK36 GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Stefan Schadwinkel graduated in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence; later on he received his PhD in human sciences. With his unique broad experience as architect, developer and analytics expert for big data solutions, he supports teams to take the right path in the complex world of big data. Stefan is co-founder of DECK36 where he works as consultant and engineer with focus on analytics and data logistics for modern online systems.

Norbert Schmidt


Mayflower GmbH

Norbert Schmidt ist JavaScript- und PHP- Entwickler und arbeitet bei der Mayflower GmbH in Würzburg und München. Seit mehr als zehn Jahren ist er in Sachen Webentwicklung unterwegs und hat sich dabei auf Frontend- und JavaScript-Themen spezialisiert: JS Fundamentals, AngularJS, Automatisierungen mit Grunt, Yeoman-Workflows, Web Components.

Björn Schotte


Mayflower GmbH

Björn Schotte ist Geschäftsführer und Senior Consultant bei Mayflower. Eines seiner Spezialgebiete ist die rechtskonforme Vertragsgestaltung für agile Softwareprojekte. Als einer der vier Mitbegründer der Mayflower GmbH ist er verantwortlich für den Bereich Marketing, PR und Vertrieb und mit seiner Expertise ein gern gesehener Gast und Speaker auf nationalen und internationalen Konferenzen und Tagungen.

Damien Seguy



Damien Seguy is a PHP globe-trotter. He translated documentation in France, secured applications in Canada and promoted Open Source in China. He is also known toshare his finding with coworkers and community alike. Most recently, he is CTO at exakat, automating code review with fast tools and cutting edge technology.

Martins Sipenko



A highly experienced developer and architect with years of permanent and contract experience in a variety of environments. Specialist in backend PHP development, but with solid experience in operations and DevOps field, currently working as a development lead and software architect of web services for major American mass media and entertainment company.

Roman Stranghöner


innoQ Deutschland GmbH

Roman Stranghöner arbeitet als Berater und Entwickler bei der innoQ Deutschland GmbH. Seine Schwerpunkte liegen in der Entwicklung von Webanwendungen in agilen Teams sowie der Konzeption und Umsetzung von modernen Frontend-Architekturen. Mobiles Webdesign, User Experience und Accessibility zählen darüber hinaus zu seinen besonderen Interessen.

Philip Tellis



Philip Tellis is a geek who likes to make the computer do his work for him. As Chief Architect at SOASTA, he analyses the impact of various design decisions on web application performance, scalability and security. He is the lead developer of "boomerang" -- a JavaScript based web performance testing tool.

In his spare time, Philip enjoys cycling, reading, cooking and learning spoken languages.

Philip has spoken at several conferences in the past, including FOSS.IN, FREED.IN, Ubuntulive, Linux Symposium, PHP Quebec, ConFoo, FOSDEM, IPC, WebDU, Velocity and JSConf. He also writes for Smashing Magazine, blogs at http://tech.bluesmoon.info/ and is @bluesmoon on twitter.

Thomas Weinert


papaya Software GmbH

Thomas Weinert arbeitet als Entwicklungsleiter für die papaya Software GmbH. Er verfügt über langjährige Erfahrungen im Bereich Anwendungsentwicklung, ist Autor einiger PHP-Bücher und Entwickler des Editors Weaverslave.

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