Planning for the Unplannable: Framework-Grade Architecture



Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013 - 9:00 bis 10:00


  • Forum 14

Long running projects, be it software or city planning, have something in common: the constant change to their environment. The problems to solve in one, two, or even five years from now will be different from those at hand now – and they are yet unknown. Thus dealing with uncertainty is one of the key issues and a well-planned architecture can help with that. If you follow a process that favours the development of guidelines and principles over detailed rules for what to do next, development can adapt to changing needs and at the same time provide a consistent experience to everyone involved. In this session you will learn how we achieved the needed flexibility and stability in the TYPO3 project and which techniques were successful to survive in the hostile environment the web is to software projects.


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