The Cloud from 30,000 feet



Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013 - 10:30 bis 11:30


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The Internet has been overwhelmed by talk about The Cloud, with often-competing definitions, stratagems, and loads of marketing hype. It's time to step back a bit from the hyperbole and examine the "big picture" view of online storage, virtualization technology, and the real-world benefits and costs that can come from using (or not using) cloud technology.There can be huge benefits from using various cloud services; however, it is not a panacea for the very real problems faced by businesses or entities that are attempting to process data on a scale that has quite literally never before been seen in history. When I first encountered cloud technology, I could not wrap my head around the concept of virtual servers: in my job at that that time, we needed vastly more CPU resources than could be provided by any single physical server. It turns out that my initial view of this was totally inaccurate, and I've come to appreciate what the cloud is and is not.