Sponsorship & Expo

As partner of the IPC Spring 2013, you are an integral part of the marketing process. From targeted one-to-one marketing via ads in a series of specialized publications to direct mailings. The IPC Spring provides you with the ideal venue to promote your company, products and services through the following offerings:

The Conference Website: www.phpconference.com

This will be the main hub where conference participants receive the latest information pertaining all sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, sessions and workshops. As the main source of the latest information, the conference website will naturally attract high traffic from all parties involved. Sponsors and exhibitors will have their company profile and logo clearly visible to the website. Potential customers will also be able to click through to the respective websites for our sponsors and exhibitors for more information as well.

Direct Marketing Activities

• Newsletters at predetermined intervals


Sponsors of the IPC Spring 2013 are represented with their logo on all conference advertisements. Repeated advertisements and enclosures are placed in our most important print and online publications. For example:
• Ads on phpmagazin.de, PHP Magazin and Entwickler Magazin
• Ads and enclosures in additional publications

Online Advertising

In addition to ads in our magazines, we will also take out banner ads on several high-traffic websites e.g. it-republik.de.

Printed Material

Sponsors and exhibitors are represented by their profile and logo on the conference agenda.

Visual Media

During the conference, sponsors are noticeably represented on large-size banners and posters.

Press Activities

The IPC Spring 2013 is an important event within our business sector. As a result, editors from both on and offline media organizations attend our conference in order to get an in-depth account of the latest trends and developments. Our sponsors will be offered a special room to meet with representatives of the media.

Additional Advertising opportunities

Each participant of the conference will receive a high-quality conference bag. Make sure you take advantage of this and place your print and advertising materials in this bag! Doing so will guarantee that your materials be viewed by every participant. The following advertising materials may be included:

• Brochures, USB sticks, CDs, flyers, custom items

Prices are available upon request.