Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014 - 9:00 bis 10:00


  • Forum 8

There are many interesting technologies that have been published on top of Node.js. Some of these technologies try to simplify the (front-end) build process. The times where we used makefiles in combination with specialized tools for each task seem to be over. A great tool for creating an automated build can be found with gulp. It improves how we develop websites by automating common tasks. These tasks can be as trivial as compiling preprocessed CSS, minifying JavaScript or reloading the browser. But with gulp we could also automate hard tasks like comparing our design in various browsers by taking screenshots. The main advantage of using gulp instead of e.g., Grunt, is efficiency. Not only is the build process much faster using gulp, the configuration files are usually smaller and easier to read. In this talk we will introduce gulp's stream concept, as well as the most important plugins.