Getting Started With Amazon Web Services



Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014 - 13:30 bis 17:00


  • Salon 6

Many companies are moving their traditionally hosted applications to the cloud and a large number of them choose Amazon Web Services due to thier awazing range of products, stability and rich set of API's.

This in depth workshop explains the various components of an AWS hosted application, how they compare to traditional hosting and how participants can harness them when hosting their own applications. 

This is a hands on workshop, participants will use AWS to host a popular open source application utilizing EC2, VPC, S3, Cloud Front and Cloud Formation. Participants should bring their laptops and sign up to the AWS free tier before arriving at the workshop. Attendees are issued with a virtual machine with all AWS SDK's and tools installed. Please ensure you have virtualbox installed on your laptop.


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