OData Web API, the SQL for the Web



Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014 - 16:45 bis 17:30


  • Salon 7

REST is a great standard for accessing resources on the web. However, REST is also a very generic standard. If you want to publish REST-based web services for accessing a structured data store like a relational database, you will end up inventing you own custom protocols on top of REST. Enter OData. OData is based on REST but adds necessary standards for fully fledged data APIs. Metadata, URI-based query language, standardized data representation formats (JSON and XML), OData has it all. In this demo-heavy talk, Azure MVP Rainer Stropek introduces you to the OData standard. He shows how to build OData services with .NET and consume them using .NET and JavaScript. Rainer also demonstrates existing, large-scale OData services available in the cloud.

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