Performance optimization: scaling a hobby project to serious business



Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014 - 14:30 bis 15:15


  • Salon 6

Emerged from a single user hobby project, has become the most popular information system for cave management in Austria. Providing services for various speleological purposes, the system is on it's way to be utilized in other countries as well.  But increased popularity induced quite some challenges and a bigger demand on performance and scalability. In this session you will see how we analyzed the current system design in matters of performance, architecture and scalability and how we were able to identify hotspots on both the client and the server: JavaScript code, non optimized web resources, application caching, local data storage, database access, data caching and application design. As a result of that process we got a precious insight into the heart of the application and several options to proceed. We will talk about the evaluation of these options and the actions we took to resolve the bottlenecks, tune the application, increase performance and scale the system to be ready for international usage.