Convince your boss

International PHP Conference |
May 25 – 29, 2020 in Berlin

The best arguments to justify your trip to IPC

IPC is nearly here and will soon be under way. Do you want to improve your PHP knowledge so you can boost your productivity at work? Here are some great arguments to help convince your boss to let you visit the International PHP Conference in Berlin.


  • Learn: Discover best practices and the latest PHP news
  • Grow: Improve your skills and become a better developer with the help of our speakers

  • Evolve: Develop new ideas and solve problems with new perspective and improved team spirit

  • Network: Get to know experts in their field who share the same passion for PHP, Agile Culture, DevOps and more, and enlarge your business network

What will you learn?

International PHP Conference offers a broad range of tracks to expand your knowledge:

  • PHP Core Technology
  • General Web Development
  • Agile & Company Culture
  • DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  • Software Architecture
  • Security
  • Testing & Test Driven Development
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud
  • #slideless (pure coding)
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Content Management Systems

We offer

  • 70+ sessions, keynotes and workshops by 60+ international renowned speakers
  • 2-in-1 special: Visit the webinale – the holistic web conference taking place at the same time – for free!
  • Early Bird specials: PlayStation Classic or C64 Mini, group discounts and saving up to € 340

What are you waiting for?

Gather your courage and ask your boss for a ticket to the International PHP Conference in Berlin. Don’t feel like doing it face to face? No problem – we’ve got you covered with an email template you can easily adapt to your needs:

Dear Sir/Madam [NAME],

I would like to request your permission to participate in the International PHP Conference, which will take place in Berlin from May 25 – 29, 2020.

International PHP Conference is one of the world’s longest-running PHP conferences. Focusing on top-notch expertise in PHP and web technologies, it is a great opportunity for me to broaden my know-how, network and, last but not least, professional horizons.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to gain practical insights and hear success stories from IT professionals and executives who face similar challenges to those facing us. This will be particularly beneficial for [PROJECT 1] and [PROJECT 2].

In addition, the International PHP Conference is the ideal platform to exchange ideas with renowned experts from the PHP industry and PHP developers from large and small companies. I will also have the chance to test the latest tools in hands-on sessions and to gain a better technical understanding of how web development works. I am especially looking forward to learning more about the newest features in PHP, groundbreaking tools, test automation, cutting-edge web security tactics, and state-of-the-art web architectures.

After the conference, I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained with our team.

The estimated cost of participation, including travel and accommodation, will be [about … €]. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Save on Early Bird discounts until May 7th

These tickets are available.

plus PlayStation Classic or C64 Mini for free

plus PlayStation Classic or C64 Mini for free

*incl. 10% group discount when buying 3 or more tickets, plus VAT