• Marco Kaiser

    PHP Frameworks, a practical comparison in 2021

    Marco Kaiser (diva-e)
    Daniel Schosser

    Web Security 101: Sicherheit von Anfang an

    Daniel Schosser (myposter GmbH)
    Arne Blankerts

    PHPUnit 10: The New Event Subsystem

    Arne Blankerts (thePHP.cc)
    Bohuslav Šimek

    New Feature: What the Fibers extension can do for you

    Bohuslav Šimek (PeoplePath)
    Sebastian Springer

    Immersive Web – AR and VR in the Browser

    Sebastian Springer (MaibornWolff GmbH)
    Pascal Euhus

    Software Architects and Autonomous Teams

    Pascal Euhus (Reservix GmbH)