• Arne Blankerts

    How Much Framework? #slideless

    Arne Blankerts (thePHP.cc)
    Hans-Christian Otto
    Florian Sowade

    It Doesn’t Have To Be Kubernetes

    Hans-Christian Otto (Suora GmbH)
    Florian Sowade (Suora GmbH)
    Sebastian Bergmann

    Optimizing Your Test Suite

    Sebastian Bergmann (thePHP.cc)
    Alain Schlesser

    PHP Exceptions Best Practices

    Alain Schlesser (Bright Nucleus)
    Jessica Mauerhan

    Start Testing Your Legacy Code!

    Jessica Mauerhan (Skillshare)
    Janna Hilferty

    Anatomy Of A DDoS

    Janna Hilferty (TriNet, Inc)