• Henning Schwentner

    Modern Software Architecture with the Architecture Hamburger

    Henning Schwentner (WPS - Workplace Solutions)
    Viktor Todorov

    Test Automation in Development Pipelines

    Viktor Todorov (SiteGround)
    m4dz 🥑🦄

    Cryptography for Newcomers

    Matthias Dugué (<div>RIOTS)
    Stephen Rees-Carter

    Laravel Security: Think Like a Hacker

    Stephen Rees-Carter (Wordfence)
    Debbie Levitt

    Agile: Using Customers’ Definitions of “Quality” and “Done”

    Debbie Levitt (Delta CX)
    Håkan Silfvernagel

    Why You Should Consider WebAssembly in Your Next Frontend Project

    Håkan Silfvernagel (Miles AS)