• Steve Coochin

    Stranger Danger: Finding Security Vulns Before They Find You!

    Steve Coochin (Snyk)
    Alain Schlesser

    Optimizing Page Experience in PHP

    Alain Schlesser (Bright Nucleus)
    Carsten Windler

    Reduce boilerplate code with PHP 8

    Carsten Windler (Plan A)
    Stefan Priebsch

    Legacy Software: Seven Myths, Three Reasons, One Goal

    Stefan Priebsch (thePHP.cc)
    Dr. Volker Göbbels

    Diversity in Software Development

    Dr. Volker Göbbels (Badger Systems GmbH)
    Bilal Çinarli

    Micro Apps – Divide and Conquer

    Bilal Çinarli (Adidas AG)