Back to school

Explore the program of IPC

Back to school – Explore the program of IPC

School's starting again! No matter if pupil, student or apprentice – everyone should be prepared for the future tasks and lessons. But if you want to broaden your PHP horizon, you should visit the IPC with the PHP Academy.
The schedule is already set and the only thing left for you is to choose the right courses. We give you a short glimpse of what awaits you at the IPC with its tracks packed with sessions, shorttalks,keynotes, and workshops. As an overview of all the interesting talks, we provide you with a helpful infographic where we highlighted some interesting objectives of each track. Did you hear the bell? Don’t waste any time and be punctual for your first lesson. Don’t worry there are no tests or any grading involved—just the joy to learn at PHP Academy.


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Behind the Tracks of IPC

PHP Development
Best Practices & Application

Web Development
Web Development & more

JavaScript Development
All about JavaScript

Agile & Culture
Agility has become mainstream

Concepts & Environments

Web Security
All about Web Security

Testing & Quality
An overview of the most important topics

DevOps is a philosophy