October 21 – 25, 2019 | Munich

Agile & Culture
International PHP Conference

„What I like about the Agile Track is that you can steadily improve yourself – there is always something new to learn and a new way for different solutions.“

– Sebastian Feldmann, CHECK24

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Agile & Culture

Agility has gone mainstream. As a result, countless teams have already become significantly more productive – but new challenges lurk in the beautiful new agile world: such as scaling agile processes in large projects or agile planning in unpredictable markets. At the same time, the agile virus is “infecting” other teams in the company – beyond software development. This creates new corporate cultures that provide interesting approaches to the challenges of so-called digital transformation.


Marcus Bointon

Marcus Bointon

Synchromedia Limited
Armagan Amcalar

Armagan Amcalar

Wayfair GmbH


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