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Join the Agile & People track and unlock your full potential as a developer! This program offers a dynamic blend of technical expertise and soft skill development, equipping you to excel in today's software development landscape.

Agile & People

Learn from Industry Leaders about:

  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, TDD): Master Agile methodologies for faster, high-quality project delivery.
  • Collaboration & Communication: Learn the art of pair programming and foster effective communication within your team.
  • Soft Skills for Developers (Technical Writing, DX, Negotiation): Hone your soft skills to create clear documentation, prioritize developer experience, and navigate negotiations confidently.
  • Future of Work (AI, DevOps, Sustainable Development): Explore thought-provoking discussions on the impact of AI, the rise of DevOps culture, and the importance of sustainable web development.
  • People-Centric Design (UX, Security Culture): Embrace human-centered design principles with UX design sessions and build a robust security culture for your projects.

Track Speakers Berlin 2024

Track Speakers Munich

Global Track Program

Track Program Berlin 2024

The program of International PHP Conference Munich 2020 will be announced soon! As a reference, please see the program of International PHP Conference Munich 2019 below.

Track Program Munich 2024

Sessions Munich 2024

Sessions Munich 2024

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Sessions Berlin 2024

Sessions Berlin 2024

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Test & Performance
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Agile & People
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Software Architecture
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Content Management Systems
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