IPC Whitepaper
Selection 2019

The IPC Whitepaper Selection 2019

In our official IPC  Whitepaper Selection you can find seven exciting articles in 25+ pages, about topics such as PHP Development, Web Architecture, Development or JavaScript. Download it to be able to expand your expertise about what’s happening in the world of PHP.

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Table of content

    • PHP Development
      En route to Symfony 5
      The most important new features in Symfony 4.3 at a glance
      by Denis Brumann
      Managing development tools elegantly
      PHIVE: PHAR Installation and Verification Environment

      by Thomas Eiling

    • Web Development
      DDEV-Local: One for all!
      A single local development environment for all PHP projects
      by Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

    • Web Architecture
      Word in all shapes and sizes
      Three ways to create a Word document using PHPWord
      by Maria Haubner

    • Performance & Security
      Testing PHP Code more efficiently
      Mock the unmockable: Practical testing is easy
      by Tommy Mühle

    • Agile & Culture
      Just find the right flow
      Branching models and workflows for SCM systems
      by Marco Schulz

    • JavaScript
      Node.js Module: JSON Server
      A mock Server for development
      by Sebastian Springer