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DevOps & Deployment


DevOps & Deployment

DevOps promotes collaboration between software developers and the operational IT team throughout the service lifecycle. Together, they are able to automate software delivery and quality assurance processes while developing and operating fast-changing systems within this framework. As developers take on more responsibility, operational staff use the developer’s techniques to deliver resilient and sustainable systems.
The DevOps movement does not just require a cultural shift – the combination of development, test release management, delivery processes, monitoring, and many more also requires completely new tool chains to make the most of tools like Jenkins, Vagrant, and of course Docker.
International PHP Conference’s DevOps & Deployment track provides you with comprehensive information on available delivery cycles, high-quality deliveries, and rapid functional changes through the use of container and cloud technologies and microservices.

Track Speakers Berlin 2022

Sam Lambert

Sam Lambert

Roland Golla

Roland Golla

Never Code Alone
Johannes Nicolai

Johannes Nicolai

Rafal Wesolowski

Rafal Wesolowski

valantic CEC Deutschland GmbH
Sebastian Meyen

Sebastian Meyen

Software & Support Media GmbH

Track Speakers Munich 2021

Global Track Program

Track Program Berlin 2022

The program of International PHP Conference Munich 2020 will be announced soon! As a reference, please see the program of International PHP Conference Munich 2019 below.

Track Program Munich 2021

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Conference Raffle 2022

Sebastian Meyen, Software & Support Media GmbH
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Infection – Mutation Testing

Rafal Wesolowski, valantic CEC Deutschland GmbH

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