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Unlocking PHP 8.3

The final version of PHP 8.3 was released recently in November of 2023. As with every year, there are a number of new features and bug fixes, as well as deprecations and breaking changes that need to be considered before updating to PHP 8.3.

Serde for PHP 8: How Functional Purity Drives Serde’s Architecture

Delve into the world of Serde and Crell with Larry Garfield, the PHP expert who created this unique and versatile library. Larry currently works as a staff engineer at LegalZoom but has worked at, written books on PHP, and contributed to the Drupal 8 Web Services initiative to create the modern PHP we're familiar with today. We caught up with Larry to talk about Serde and its supporting libraries. Read on and learn everything you need to know about Serde and Crell.

17 Years in the Life of ElePHPant

In the vast and dynamic world of programming languages, PHP stands out not only for its versatility but also for its unique and beloved mascot – the elePHPant. For 17 years, this charming blue plush toy has been an iconic symbol of the PHP community, capturing the hearts of developers worldwide.

Professional Test Management with TestRail – Part 1

"Now just a quick test and we can go live!" Surely most of us have heard this statement before. A professional approach, perfect plans and structured work during the project - and yet this optimistic, yet at the same time naive conclusion in the home stretch.

PHPUnit 10 – All you need to know about the latest version

PHPUnit 10 is the most important release in PHPUnit's now 23-year history. It is to PHPUnit what PHP 7 was to PHP: a massive cleanup and modernization that lays the foundation for future development. Let's take a look inside at what specific changes PHPUnit 10 has brought and will bring in the coming months.

The PHPUnuhi Framework at a Glance

While pipelines, tests, and automation positively influence many aspects of our daily work, there are still topics where manual work makes developers yawn. The platform-independent open source framework PHPUnuhi is trying to revamp the topic of “translations”, enhancing it with possibilities in the areas of CI/CD, storage formats, and even OpenAI.

Asynchronous Programming in PHP

When starting this article I wanted to write about quite a lot of things and quite a lot of concepts. However, trying to explain just the fundamental blocks of what asynchronous programming is, I quickly hit the character limit I had and was faced with a choice. I had to decide between going into details of the A’s and B’s or give an eagle’s eye perspective of what is out there in the async world. I chose the former.

New awesome features of MySQL

MySQL, like any other technology, is constantly evolving and brings many new features. However, not everyone has the time to keep up with all the new features in this popular open-source database. Fortunately, this article provides a quick catch-up!
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