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Clean Code in PHP

Do you want to create software that is easy to maintain and has as few bugs as possible? Or write code that others, but also you, can still understand after weeks or even months? Maybe clean code is something for you.

How Git Hooks Support Local Development

No more commits with messages like "Fixed typo" or "Best commit ever". No more commits with syntax errors or failing unit tests. No more error messages because Composer packages were not updated after a pull. Sounds too good to be true? Not with the help of a pirate!

PHP 8.2 Says Goodbye to Some Legacy Issues

PHP version 8.2 was released on December 8, 2022. It brings new features that greatly improve working with PHP. Some legacy code has been removed, so you need to be careful when upgrading to the new version. You never know what’s still in your old code.

Laravel vs. Symfony: A Side by Side Comparison

When facing the start of a brand new PHP application there is one decision that can’t be overlooked: which framework should you use? Theoretically, you could start with none but assuming the project at hand is anything but trivial that’d probably be a bad idea. The good news is you’re not exactly short of options to choose from.

A simple alternative to XML, JSON, and co

Have you ever wondered why comments in XML are written in such a complicated way or why JSON doesn’t offer comments at all? Have you ever needed to fix an indentation error in your YAML file? If so, then you already know some of the hurdles in common text-based data formats. This article will take a look at an alternative: the Simple Markup Language.

Keynote: How to design for the metaverse?

Calling all creators! How are you going to build the metaverse? Will it be an ever-expanding, sprawling virtual city? Or will it be a discussion of infinite interactions and boundless possibilities? No one can predict how our next-gen future, the metaverse, will look and feel. So how can you prepare for it? We share the skills and tools you’ll need to make you and your business metaverse ready.

Stay tuned!

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