IPC Whitepaper
Selection 2020


The IPC Whitepaper Selection 2020

In our official IPC Whitepaper Selection 2020 you can find ten exciting articles in 40+ pages, about topics such as PHP Core Technology, PHP Frameworks, General Web Development, Software Architecture, or Content Management Systems. Download it to be able to expand your expertise about what’s happening in the world of PHP.

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Table of content

    • 1. PHP Expert check: 25th Anniversary of PHP
      Interview with Matthew Brown, Damien Seguy, Marcel Norman and Ralf Eggert

    • 2. First, prevent any harm
      by Rim Khazhin

    • 3. Crafting maintainable Laravel applications
      by Jason McCreary

    • 4. How to Delegate Code Reviews to CI
      by Tomas Votruba

    • 5. React Best Practices
      by Sebastian Springer

    • 6. The future of the Web Payment APIs
      by Antonio Perić-Mažar

    • 7. NoSQL Databases with PHP
      by Dr. Veikko Krypczyk and Elena Bochkor

    • 8. Structuring PHP Extensions
      by Alain Schlesser

    • 9. Why GraphQL?
      by David Negrier

    • 10. Headless Architecture
      by Thomas Schedler

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Behind the Tracks of IPC

PHP Core Technology
Best Practices & Application

General Web Development
General Web Development & more

Agile & Company Culture
Agility has become mainstream

Software Architecture
Concepts & Environments

All about Web Security

Testing & Test Driven Development
More about software testing tools and strategies

DevOps & Continuous Delivery
DevOps is a philosophy

Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud
Cloud-based & native apps

#slideless (pure coding)
Showing how technology really works

PHP Frameworks
All about PHP Frameworks

Content Management Systems
Sessions on Content Management Systems