International PHP Conference |
May 25 – 29, 2020 in Berlin

You should be giving a talk next year: Discover the super-hero speaker in you

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Wednesday, October 23 2019
17:15 - 18:15

Participating in conferences and learning from experts is great, but as a community, we are missing a lot when it’s the same faces every year, everywhere. We have to do our best to include everyone from a diverse background as speakers and learn from their experiences. This talk will prove you have what it takes to become a speaker yourself and will give you practical advice to start your career as a speaker. We will talk about overcoming impostor syndrome and eliminating self-doubt like “I don’t know what to talk about” and “I can’t talk in front of people”.This is a fun, inspiring talk, and by the end of it, you will discover the super-hero speaker in you, bursting already with ideas for your first talk.

Stay tuned!

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