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Workshop: Domain-Driven Design Bootcamp

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Domain-Driven Design Workshop

In the times of microservices, it becomes clear how important Domain-Driven Design (DDD) still is. Only with strategic design (i.e. DDD on a large scale) and the division of the domain into bounded contexts can a sensible cut be found for the microservices. Tactical Design (i.e. DDD on a small scale) with the Ubiquitous Language and the "Building Blocks" Entities, Value Objects, Aggregates, Services, and co. have lost nothing of their relevance. In this workshop, we will take a day to take a closer look at DDD.

The workshop consists of alternating lectures, discussions, and exercises. The structure will be such that we first give an overview of DDD and then we will look at the individual topics in detail. In doing so, we will approach DDD from the outside in. 

Content structure:

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Getting to know the domain
  3. Splitting up the domain
  4. Learning the domain language
  5. Model the domain
  6. Implement the domain model

Take me to the full program of Zum vollständigen Programm von Munich München .

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