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Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud


Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud

Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud are on the advance in software development. Modern cloud platforms offering a plethora of technical services which are challenging the conventional ways of building and using software. Learn in this track the newest approaches to set up cloud-based or even cloud native applications. In addition to the cloud, container technology is a big topic. But what are the challenges for using containers in production and where are we going? This track offers use cases and best practices for working with Docker, Kubernetes & Co.

Track Speakers Berlin 2020

Global Track Program

Track Program Berlin 2020

We are currently working on this part of the program. Instead you can discover the program of International PHP Conference Munich 2020 here.

Track Program Munich 2020

Sessions Munich 2024

Sessions Munich 2024

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Sessions Berlin 2024

Sessions Berlin 2024

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