International PHP Conference |
October 15 - 19, 2018 in Munich

Global Inventory Web App in Angular – Keeping 5700 People in sync

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Tuesday, October 24 2017
17:15 - 18:15
Forum 8

Deep look into our inventory app for a global inventory project (in use with e.g. Mercedes-Benz) written in Angular and PHP in the backend. Going through the development, deployment and update process of a JavaScript App that is in production in over 5.700 locations worldwide and currently supports 24 languages.
See what obstacles JavaScript produced on different devices and learn how to overcome them. This practical example shall demonstrate, how JavaScript can be your savior for distributed data management. It shows how much data is handled (images, documents, signatures), synchronized and how errors can be anticipated and handled for a blue chip company. Get a real life grip on development setups, testing and roll-out procedures.

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