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June 3 - 7, 2019 in Berlin

“One component for view in them all” or reusable UI with native web components and Stencil compiler

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Tuesday, June 5 2018
10:30 - 11:15
Nowadays the world of JavaScript frameworks has expanded tremendously. Even mainstream frameworks are quite numerous: Angular, ReactJS, Ember, AngularJS, VUEJS, Aurelia and others. It’s can be a challenge to decide which one to use. But to be honest – they are all great at this point in time, they all provide equally the same performance and their unique features set. It’s only a matter of taste and coding style which one to pick. 
Big companies might have multiple teams working on numerous projects and the best is when it is up to those teams to decide which framework or library they would like to use, without coupling to "The One" tech. But what if we need to keep same UI or UX, same "look and feel" across all the corporate applications? Reimplementing same stuff over and over in every used technology might be pretty pricey and time-consuming. And here where native web components can step-in. Native web components are sufficient enough for building one UI library to be used everywhere.
I would like to show – how to implement the same UI element, build with native web components and Stencil compiler and use it in all major players on JavaScript market like Angular, ReactJS, Ember and VueJS.

Stay tuned!

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