International PHP Conference |
October 21 - 25, 2019 in Munich

Using RxJs to Process Streams in Real-Time

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Thursday, October 18 2018
09:00 - 10:00

In this talk you’ll get an overview of Reactive Extensions and see its usage in a live-coding session. 
First you will get an introduction into Rx and its history. After covering the basic concepts and terminologies, we will get a better understanding of observables and learn how to use marble diagrams for documentation.
In the live-coding session I create a morse code generator to demonstrate real-time stream processing in a playful way. You will get basic knowledge in morsing and a lot more over RX.

I will show you:
how to create observables, common operators to transform streams, different ways to combine streams, subscription handling, error handling, exposing observables, andhow to use subjects to control streams.
After the session you’ll have enough knowledge to start using Rx in any language, not only in JavaScript.

Stay tuned!

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