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Avoid Complexity—Architecting Web Application for Performance

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Monday, May 30 2022
09:00 - 17:00
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Avoid Complexity Workshop

You need a better performance for your web application? You want faster response times? But you know that your fullstack framework with its extremely complex code infrastructure won’t help you to speed up things?

Then come to this workshop. Here you will learn an architectural approach, inspired by the Unix world, how to make your application faster by moving the slower parts of your code to the background for asynchronous processing.

Everyone talks about performance and dreams of short response times for their web application. But the full-stack framework you are using with its slow yet powerful ORM, its general complex code infrastructures, various external libraries, and the chronically overloaded database makes the goal of a high-performance website a distant prospect.

The use of various—of course—slow and flaky API’s provided by third parties also does not help. If you follow the "best practices" of many frameworks, all this work is done at request time. But for decades, the Unix world has shown that the secret of success lies in the interaction of highly specialized and, above all, small applications. 

It’s time to apply this insight to your own code: In this workshop, we will rework a classically built web application—and simply move slow things to the background for asynchronous processing or just completely avoid it.

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