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PHP Core Technology

„The PHP Core Technology track covers everything you need to know to design great applications and to become a better PHP developer.“

– Stefan Priebsch,

PHP Core Technology

PHP is one of the driving technologies on the web. More than 80 percent of the world’s websites are based on the scripting language. With the release of PHP 8 this year, it becomes even more relevant: With better performance, great new features.
Although developing with PHP is an easy skill to learn, the broad ecosystem and its quirks require a lot of experience to master the language. The PHP Core Technology Track offers deep insights into various aspects. From PHP core development, PHP standards, engine-related topics, to framework best practices lectures, this track covers everything you need to know to build great applications and become a better PHP developer.

Track Speakers Berlin 2020

Track Speakers Munich 2020

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Track Program Berlin 2020

The program of International PHP Conference Munich 2020 will be announced soon! As a reference, please see the program of International PHP Conference Munich 2019 below.

Track Program Munich 2020

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Sessions Munich 2021

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