PHP Frameworks

A PHP framework provides a basic structure for optimizing development. Frameworks speed up the programming process enormously. Above all, the responsiveness of websites and applications that were created with PHP frameworks helps to meet the performance requirements. Learn everything you want to know about PHP frameworks from the experts during the IPC.

Track Speakers Berlin 2020

Samuel Levy

Samuel Levy

Determined Development Pty Ltd
Ralf Eggert

Ralf Eggert

Travello GmbH
Roland Golla

Roland Golla

Never Code Alone
Larry Garfield

Larry Garfield
Dariusz Drobisz

Dariusz Drobisz / Accesto
Daniel Rotter

Daniel Rotter

Sulu GmbH

Track Speakers Munich 2020

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Track Program Berlin 2020

The program of International PHP Conference Munich 2020 will be announced soon! As a reference, please see the program of International PHP Conference Munich 2019 below.

Track Program Munich 2020

Sessions Munich 2020

Sessions Munich 2020

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PHP Frameworks
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