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Service Mesh vs. Frameworks: Where to put the resilience?

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Thursday, October 29 2020
12:15 - 13:00

Distributed systems should definitely no longer be developed and operated without resilience. The responsible developer or architect must first consider which resilience patterns are necessary. The next question is how the implementation of these patterns in the individual services should take place. One can distinguish between two basic alternatives. On the one hand an implementation with the classic resilience frameworks such as Resilience4J, Failsafe or MicroProfile Fault Tolerance. On the other hand, it is also possible to establish resilience with a service mesh tool like Istio.

In this session, after a brief introduction to Istio, the two basic alternatives are compared. The respective advantages and disadvantages are listed and compared in a final evaluation. Additional possibilities of Istio to explicitly test resilience will also be introduced.


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