International PHP Conference |
October 21 - 25, 2019 in Munich

Damiano Petrungaro

Damiano Petrungaro
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Damiano Petrungaro


Philosopher, ego-less coder and community enthusiast, Damiano Petrungaro develops applications in PHP using DDD and TDD methodologies (and exploring Go).
At the moment, he is specialized in coding complex domain logic using PHP by writing clean and testable code, not demanding any micro (or full-stack) frameworks such as Slim, Laravel, Lumen or Silex.
He’s a supporter of a proper Git workflow applying a strict commit convention for a good and readable history of code.
Always looking to discover new development methods and technologies, he has a good network of developers, with whom he relates and compares on a daily basis.
Currently, he’s the maintainer of the Laravel-Italia community and Conventional Commits.

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