International PHP Conference |
June 3 - 7, 2019 in Berlin

Marcus Bointon

Marcus Bointon
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Marcus Bointon

Synchromedia Limited

When not working on and supporting 1CRM, Marcus Bointon is the maintainer of PHPMailer, a Top Ten PHP project on GitHub, and probably the world’s most popular email sending code. He’s a contributor to many other open-source projects, and wrote the WHATWG HTML5 email address specification. He’s an accomplished Linux sysadmin and MySQL DBA, providing performance, scalability and security consulting, and a technical writer and pentester for Radically Open Security. He’s spoken at technical conferences in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Canada. He lives in the French alps with his wife and kids, where he can indulge his passions for skiing and mountain biking.

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