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International PHP Conference | May 29 - June 2 2017, Berlin

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Nikolas Martens


Nikolas Martens is a full-hearted freelancing software engineer and trainer. He has been coding since age 13 on various platforms including desktop applications, embedded systems and robots, but is most experienced in web development due to countless projects during high school and university and working at ResearchGate. He received his diploma in electrical engineering in 2011 from the Technische Universität München after spending his last year in Valencia, Spain. Nikolas is most interested in software architecture, automated testing, web applications, distributed system, lean methods, the clean code movement and specification by example (aka BDD). In his spare time he develops experimental frameworks, tries to improve his drawing and classical guitar skills or simply enjoys Berlin’s diverse city life. You can find Nikolas on rtens.org.

All talks by Nikolas Martens

Nikolas Martens

All talks by Nikolas Martens

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