International PHP Conference |
December 7 – 11, 2020 in Berlin

Stéphane Hulard

Stéphane Hulard
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Stéphane Hulard

CH Studio

Since 2006, I live in the web and its ecosystem.

Today, I’m an independent contractor and trainer. I like working on legacy projects to help teams taking control back. I’m also persisting putting engineering methods on web projects (continuous integration and deployment, unit testing, documentation, …).

I work remotely for about 100% of my time which allows me to live with my family in other countries for at least half of the year.

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Behind the Tracks of IPC

PHP Core Technology
Best Practices & Application

General Web Development
General Web Development & more

Agile & Company Culture
Agility has become mainstream

Software Architecture
Concepts & Environments

All about Web Security

Testing & Test Driven Development
More about software testing tools and strategies

DevOps & Continuous Delivery
DevOps is a philosophy

Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud
Cloud-based & native apps

#slideless (pure coding)
Showing how technology really works

PHP Frameworks
All about PHP Frameworks

Content Management Systems
Sessions on Content Management Systems