International PHP Conference |
May 25 – 29, 2020 in Berlin

Tobias Struckmeier

Tobias Struckmeier
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Tobias Struckmeier

Adesso AG

Tobias Struckmeier has been a developer since 2000 and feels comfortable with both frontend and backend. He works for adesso as Senior Software Engineer in Dortmund.
For him it makes no difference whether NodeJS or PHP, Angular or React, with all technologies you can reach your goals well. Ultimately, turning away from technical dogmas makes everyone a more effective, more innovative and, above all, more friendly developer.
His goal is to increase his own knowledge and to improve the exchange between people. Be it by organizing Meetups, Conferences or Usergroups. As a former career changer it is his concern to make it easier for other beginners to get started.

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    Behind the Tracks of IPC

    PHP Core Technology
    Best Practices & Application

    General Web Development
    General Web Development & more

    Agile & Company Culture
    Agility has become mainstream

    Software Architecture
    Concepts & Environments

    All about Web Security

    Testing & Test Driven Development
    An overview of the most important topics

    DevOps & Continuous Delivery
    DevOps is a philosophy

    Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud
    An overview of the most important topics

    #slideless (pure coding)
    An overview of the most important topics

    PHP Frameworks
    An overview of the most important topics

    Content Management Systems
    An overview of the most important topics