May 29. – June 02. 2017 | Berlin

PHP Development
International PHP Conference


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Robert Douglass

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PHP Development

PHP is one of the web’s driving technologies. More than 80 percent of the world’s websites are based upon the script language. With the release of PHP 7 in December 2015 – marking the most important milestone in PHP’s history – it even became more relevant: with better performance, great new features, and almost no hassle with upgrading from PHP 5.6, PHP 7’s market share grew to almost 30 percent in the first year since its release.
Although developing with PHP is an easy skill to learn, its broad ecosystem and its quirks requires a lot of experience to master the language. The PHP Development track provides deep insights in different aspects. From core PHP development, PHP standards as provided by the PHP Framework Interop Croup, over engine-related topics to talks about framework best practices, this track covers everything you need to know to design great applications and to become a better PHP developer.


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