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Angular Architecture Workshop: Strategic Design

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Monday, October 25 2021
09:00 - 17:00
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Angular Architecture Workshop

In this interactive workshop, you will learn from Manfred Steyer – Angular GDE and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team – how large and scalable enterprise applications can be developed with Angular. To do this, we will first consider the use of Strategic Domain Design in the frontend and the implementation with Nx Monorepos. We will look at approaches to enforce your architecture, incremental builds, as well as the build cache to speed up builds and test runs.

These ideas are gradually being expanded and result in the implementation of micro frontends with the brand new Webpack Module Federation and Web Components based on Angular Elements.

After the individual exercises you will have a case study that you can use as a template for your own projects. In the end, you not only know how micro frontends can be implemented with the latest technology, but also whether this architectural style suits you and what alternatives you have. You will also be able to evaluate the individual options.

Part 1: Strategic Domain Design (DDD) with Nx

  • Implementation of a strategic design (DDD) in an Nx monorepo
  • Visualize the architecture
  • Categorization of libraries
  • Enforcing your architecture
  • Incremental builds and tests to speed up the CI process
  • Local and distributed build caches

Part 2: Microfrontends with Webpack Module Federation

  • Use of module federation for loading separately developed and published micro frontends
  • Integration in Angular and the Angular CLI
  • Dynamic module federation
  • Sharing dependencies
  • Dealing with version conflicts
  • Communication between micro frontends
  • Sharing widgets via web components (Angular Elements)

You should have some experience with SPAs and know the basics of Angular.

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