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Svelte Workshop: Getting Started With Svelte – Create the Fastest Web Applications

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Monday, October 25 2021
09:00 - 17:00
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Svelte Workshop

Svelte is still the new kid on the block for many developers, but its popularity is growing quickly. It seems similar to some other component frameworks, and that’s a good thing – but at the same time, its approaches to reactivity coupled with a compile-time approach are very powerful and result in "best in class" performance.

This full-day interactive workshop brings you up to speed with Svelte development. You begin by creating components and getting to know the Svelte-specific syntax and build mechanisms. You learn how to create full-blown applications from components, and how to use Svelte store and context mechanisms to build state management solutions. Integration with non-Svelte component libraries, CSS features, and deployment considerations like SSR round things off. Please expect lots of practical examples – you will have time to try everything out for yourself and hit the ground running for your own Svelte-based project!

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