International PHP Conference |
May 25 – 29, 2020 in Berlin

Web Component Architecture and Patterns

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Wednesday, October 17 2018
14:15 - 15:15

In this talk, we are going to look at what web components are, why we need them and how we can construct them according to best practices. In order to do this we will see several examples, and each example will be tackled with its own approach. Through these examples we will be able to see the pros and cons of different ways of structuring web components.
Our journey will take us through different design patterns for developing web components such as MVC, MVP and MVVP. On this road we will discuss services and singletons, encapsulation, inheritance vs. composition and much more. Even though these concepts can sometimes be hard to grasp or even boring, we will explain them in a simple and fun way.
We all know that you never write the perfect code the first time, there are always iterations. So, your goals should be: write code that is easy to understand, easy to refactor and easy to test! Also, it should often be easy to reuse but only when necessary (not all components need to be reusable but we will see more about that in our talk). We want to help you achieve this.

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