International PHP Conference |
May 25 – 29, 2020 in Berlin

Workshop: Implementing Secure Authentication for the Web [SOLD OUT]

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Monday, May 25 2020
09:00 - 17:00
Booking note:
Authentication Workshop

Join us in our quest to make stolen credentials a thing of the past by modernizing an existing PHP application with a rather traditional login to use a secure second factor for authentication, retire the need for passwords with WebauthN and protect our app against all sorts of attacks.

Securely storing credentials is not easy, proven by the fact that hardly a day goes by without a company admitting they had a security breach and login credentials and more got stolen. So maybe we should not have them store passwords to begin with! WebAuthn, the W3C Standard for secure and phishing-proof logins, aims for nothing less than to revolutionize authentication on the web. Already supported by all major browsers, it can be used as an addition or alternative to TOTP tokens for a secure second factor that can even replace passwords altogether.

Every php developer with an interest in protecting the login to their website against common attacks and looking forward to securing it by adding TOTP and WebauthN.


  •  Object Oriented programming in PHP
  •  Basic JS undetanding

Technical Requirements:

  • Laptop with current working PHP (7.3+) CLI and ant(java), network
    •    Preferably Linux or Mac OS
    •    We’ll not debug windows or docker issues

Stay tuned!

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