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Thursday, October 29 2020
12:15 - 13:00

Reservix started its Cloud Journey in 2018, 2 years later the last bussines cirital application will be migrated to go 100% cloudbased.
The talk will show up pain points, lessons learned and give ideas how to adopt from 100% on-prem to 100% Cloud with intermedient Hybrid cloud strategy.
I will talk about necessary organizational changes like adopting a devops culture and ways to get autonomous dev teams involved.
Reservix adopted the DevOps culture introducing another “Silo” and after creating a base cloud and tool setup, we distributed the DevOps members back into the different teams to spread the knowledge.
Another point of the sessions is how to get legacy php codebases securely into the cloud with demands on application 24/7 SLAs. We tested different strategies on smaller applications and adopted proven processes on the bigger, more critical ones.
Furthermore the Session will tackle problems with local dev envs when deciding to use several cloud capabilities like Queues, Lambdas etc.
In a nutshell from nearly zero automation to full CI/CD in the cloud.

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