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The infrastructure-as-code fallacy

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Tuesday, June 8 2021
14:45 - 15:30

Infrastructure-as-code is a widely known concept for repeatable and automated infrastructure setups. Many frameworks provide an easy way to write infrastructure code with DSL, some offer the opportunity to even describe your infrastructure with programming languages like Python, Java or Typescript. From an engineering perspective writing code means to have a defined processes for release, maintenance, quality assurance and testing in place, however in terms of infrastructure-as-code those aspects are often neglected. During our journey into the cloud at Reservix we discovered and used different strategies and tools for using infrastructure-as-code. This talk elaborates on patterns, pitfalls, advantages and the enhancements of infrastructure-as-code stacks. You will get insights why infrastructure-as-code should rather be treated as a real software than a bunch of configuration files and why many paradigms of software engineering really matter.

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