International PHP Conference |
May 25 – 29, 2020 in Berlin

Konark Modi

Konark Modi
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Konark Modi

Cliqz GmbH

Konark Modi works as a tech lead with Cliqz GmbH – developing privacy-focused search engine and browser technologies under the Cliqz and Ghostery brands. Helping Cliqz GmbH in making privacy a mainstream topic, Konark works on projects ranging across privacy by design, anonymous data collection like Human Web, anti-tracking etc.
As an active member of the community, he loves contributing and getting involved on various fronts in whatever way he can – be it through organizing conferences for like-minded people or just disrupting social causes through technology.
His recent personal projects, in an endeavor to find and help organizations fix vulnerabilities, spanned across web browsers, health trackers, Government services, and travel mobile apps to name a few.
Konark has been a speaker and presenter at numerous international conferences like Privacy Week, MRMCD, Apache Big Data, Berlin BuzzWords, and EuroPython.

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