May 29. – June 02. 2017 | Berlin

International PHP Conference


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Sebastian Springer

MaibornWolff GmbH

Dennis Wilson

IT-Berater und Entwickler

Sebastian Meyen

Software & Support Media

Sebastian Golasch

Deutsche Telekom

Robert Lemke

Flownative GmbH

Jakob Westhoff

Softwarearchitekt, Autor, Consultant

David Zuelke

Heroku, Inc.

Carsten Sandtner

mediaman// Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH


With its first appearance on May 1995, JavaScript managed to evolve to one of the most important languages of modern days. It is, along HTML and CSS, not only one of the web’s core technologies but also used in non-browser based environments like desktop and mobile applications, PDFs, and even on server-side – just think of Node.js. Although JavaScript had a bad reputation it is one of the core skills of today’s developers beyond all disciplines.
JavaScript’s history is embossed by a few ground-breaking moments, such as the advent von AJAX, the first appearance of jQuery or the tremendous success of Google’s Angular or Facebooks React. This is where International PHP Conference’s JavaScript track comes into play. No matter if you are interested in core principles of vanilla JavaScript nor if you want to boost your framework skills, the IPC’s JavaScript grants valuable insights.


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Sebastian Meyen, Software & Support Media

State of Web APIs

Carsten Sandtner, mediaman// Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH


Jakob Westhoff, Softwarearchitekt, Autor, Consultant

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