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Zend Framework 3 – Middleware-Anwendungen bauen

PHP 7 Day

Welcome and Opening

UX in Motion: Principles for creating meaningful Animation in Interfaces

Large-scale Website Performance Optimization Tricks – Airline Case Study

Mein Scrum ist kaputt!

From Legacy to Event-driven

I saw the Future, and its Web Servers were written in PHP

Understanding Dependency Injection in Symfony

Foundations for the perfect Technology Stream

When to abstract

Wie viele Köche verderben den Brei?

Beyond OCD: Transforming your Agency's Delivery Pipeline with orchestrated, consistent, and deterministic Deployment

The Myth of untestable Code

Den falschen Plan perfekt ausführen

Der Contentmanager mag den Baum

Rewriting fifteen Year old Code

Building RESTful APIs with Symfony Components

Introduction to the Fearless Change Patterns of Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns


Understanding the Container Revolution

API Tips from the Frontline

PHP 7: Reality Check

State of Web APIs

Divide and Conquer – Microservices mit Node.js

Monolith First

Pragmatically Scaling to the zillionth Level

CQRS and Event Sourcing in the Wild

Application Load Testing with Open Source and the Cloud

Get started writing TypeScript today

Die Kunst digitaler Verführung

The Road to Continuous Deployment: a Case Study

Monitoring at FLYERALARM, daily Business of DevOps

Setting up HTTPS is easy – what are you waiting for?

A Developer’s Survival Guide for the Microservices Era

Audio Recognition and Connected Living

Was User wollen – A/B-Testing mit Node.js

Refactoring Legacy Code

JWT – To Authentication and beyond

Pushing the Limits of PHP with ReactPHP – why ReactPHP is awesome and why you should care


Test-driven Refactoring

Discovering Graph Structures

A practical Introduction to Kubernetes

The dark Age of IoT

Doing Everything with Nothing: Architecture, Ephemeralization, and the Law of Accelerating Returns

Rapid Prototyping with Domain-driven Design

Desktopapplikationen mit Electron entwickeln

Taming agile Architecture

Go micro with Microservices

Erfolgreich mit Kanban starten

JavaScript Testing (sold out)

Your App lives on a Network – networking for PHP Devs (sold out)

Deep-Dive-Workshop Growth Hacking mit Strategie