Archive IPC Berlin 2019

Workshop: writing really good Code [SOLD OUT]

Workshop: better and faster — TDD-ing a Ride-hailing Application with PHPUnit, Symfony and Doctrine [SOLD OUT]

How to make Loveliness: an HTML Treasure Hunt

Alles OKR oder was? Vom Bestimmen der Richtung über Zielsysteme

Designing with Code

Practical Security in Web Applications

A Happy End for the Docker for Development Drama

Hansel and Gretel do TLS

Atomic Design in responsive Design

Little Architecture Hands-On: Let's build lean architectured ATM using multiple paradigms balancing quality and timely delivery

Protect your API – with Rate Limits

Symfony 4: A new Way to develop Applications

A Case for Generics in PHP

Experts Panel: Online Marketing vs. Web Development?

Responsive Webdesign ohne Media Queries

Knock knock, who's there? Authenticating your Single Page Apps using JSON Web Tokens

Static Code Analysis in PHP - How to write less tests

Why I love TypeScript

Holy Smokes, I don't understand that Code!

A Year with Progressive Web Apps

Tools of a Software Craftsman

Migrating from bare Metal Machines to AWS ECS - a real World Scenario

An Introduction to Symfony Messenger

An Introduction to Pair Programming Methods

Variable Fonts — practical Guide

Tools every PHP developer needs to know

Our next Stop: WebAR, the Augmented Reality for your Browser

The Future of Authentication - WebAuthn with PHP

Dynamische Layouts mit CSS

Building a mobile indoor navigation solution powered by Augmented Reality

Progressive React Apps

WordPress Acceptance Testing: Solved

Modern SQL: Evolution of a Dinosaur

Introduction to Architectural Katas

Migrating to PHP 7

Practical Privacy – GDPR explained

Webanimationen effizient einsetzen

Stop Evangelizing UX - And What To Do Instead

How we abused PHP and Laravel to do Big Data

A practical Introduction to Kubernetes

Why you shouldn't care about Security

Writing a Chatbot in PHP

PHP to Hack, an incrementally typed Adventure at Slack

Async non-blocking Code Reviews

Getting started with PHP on AWS Lambda

DevOps ICU: Improve Processes and Results by Correctly Integrating UX

Open-Source-Software und Quellcode aus dem Internet rechtssicher einbinden und nutzen

Rewiring your Software Engineer Brain to use Data Science Paradigms

In fünf Jahren wird es keine Tester mehr geben

Why does Performance matter?

PHPUnit Best Practices

Undoing Things and saving your Neck with Git

Diversity - a different Perspective

Getting started with ReactPHP – Pushing Real-Time Data to the Browser

Build your own Neural Network – with PHP!

Pragmatic Queue Processing at Scale

Do PHP Frameworks still make Sense? Let's go Frameworkless to focus on the Domain!

WordPress Best Practices for Enterprise

What it actually costs - an ecological Price Tag for Software Development

Migrating, with a Metal Background

Modern Node.js Applications with Nest

Web with Sense: How to build a Start-up that is not only profitable, but also improves the World

Design Thinking im Requirements Management – eine Heldengeschichte

Opening Doors with JSON Web Tokens

Branching Strategies: choose wisely to minimize Costs

Security Champions? Introduce them in your Organisation

Workshop: Progressive Web App Bootcamp

Pragmatic Event Sourcing Workshop [SOLD OUT]

Workshop: Understanding HTTP Security Header - 101 [SOLD OUT]