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Test-driven Development Workshop

Workshop: Code Review

JavaScript Fullstack Day - from Zero to Hero


Ist Java im Jahr 2019 das bessere PHP?

CQRS and Event Sourcing

Surviving with Git: Undoing Things and recovering from Mistakes

Softwarequalität === Gesundheit

Vom Zend Framework zu Laminas

Thirteen Years in the Life of Elephpant

Need for Speed – Web Performance Optimization

My voice is my passport. Verify me?

Secrets Management: How to (not) help the person who hacks your servers get your data

Beyond clean Code: Building the right Software


Web Payment API a new way of paying online

My browser does what?

Clean Code - Benefits of Refactoring

DDD pitfalls in high scaling applications

10 Tips to fail at Software Development

Hacking JWTs: The attacker's perspective

Speed, Speed, Speed: JavaScript vs C++ vs WebAssembly

Internet Tomorrow – Expectations for the Next Billion

Watching them watching us: Catching websites leaking sensitive data to third-parties!

Angular & WordPress: Practical guide to headless CMS

Understanding Privacy by Design

The Future comes preloaded

The Best of strong Typing for PHP

Warum Global State keine eierlegende Wollmilchsau ist – und was wir wirklich nutzen sollten

Machine learning in the browser with TensorFlow.js

Entwickler - das verlorene Handbuch

To Identity and Beyond!

Aggressive PHP Quality Assurance in 2019

The Importance of Consistency in a PHP Project Running Successfully for 10 Years

How to get ready for PHP 8

Quo Vadis DevSecOps?

How to tame a Unicorn

Building an ARt Gallery in the Browser

Why you should consider WebAssembly in your next Frontend Project

Git Fu Developing

Practical Privacy - GDPR explained

Fault-tolerant System design

You should be giving a talk next year: Discover the super-hero speaker in you

Using AI to power your images

Optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM – from Beginner to Expert to Crazy

PHP Compiler Internals

Orchestrate your Docker Dev-Env

Testing Strategy with the Help of a Static Analyzer

Ondřej Mirtes

Carving Microservices out of the Monolith with Domain Storytelling

Fix me if you can: architecture evolution step by step

Are you being servered? — exploring a serverless web

Docker: multi-stage and multi-environment

Die zukünftige Bedeutung von PHP

PHP, or Type-safety – pick any two

The Joy of Multiple Models – Strategic Design with DDD

Pragmatic Event Sourcing Workshop

Getting the most out of PHPStan

Ondřej Mirtes